Citizens of our RPG’s and an Evil Sorcerer

Only 6 days before we move into our new house! And I honestly don’t think I can wait much longer!

Our tiny apartment is already completely cramped with boxes and I stopped counting my various bruises from bumping into furniture and doorframes trying to get around… And we still have all of our inventory from our shop we need to move aswell!

But I promised myself that I wouldn’t neglect my blog!! So here is a little post with some of my odds and ends that I snapped pictures of before they were gently placed in moving boxes! (In foam of course!)

Here is a group of Press Gangers from Privateer Press. They were some of our very first miniatures for rpg’s, and I recently stripped them of paint (from a rather shabby paint job) and gave them a new coat of paint and new bases.

I painted the female press ganger before the men and had already photographed her, hence the different backgrounds. The female is a very unique and humorous character with a luring expression and a firmly gripped mace hiding in her back hand! I painted her in Marienburg colours using Breonne Blue with the Ocean Triad for the blue parts and Rust Brown highlighted with 50/50 Rust Brown and Sun Yellow.

I repeated the combination on one of the male press gangers. I even had my first try on facial “stubble”. It ended up okay, I think. Definitely need more practise! I still haven’t finished the last one of the group, a guy with a sack which suspiciously look like it contains a man trying to break loose!

Black Chapel Steamheim Veteran

I stumbled upon a Spanish company named Black Chapel which produces a variety of miniature that fit perfectly with Reaper and Games Workshop’s minis. I bought different models from them including their Altreich Engineer, Alchemist, Guard of the Ancestors Chamber (dwarf champion), dwarf Blacksmith, and this Steamheim Veteran. I can greatly recommend these minis. Lots of character and very unique minis!

It was a rather “speedpaint” job, but none the less, he turned out pretty cool. I assembled him in a “pointy finger pose”, rather than pistol wielding (he comes with two arm options and two head options)
Since I bought this bunch, they have released several new minis including some very interesting Wood Elves, which I will definately pick up at some point!

Oldschool Tzeentch Sorcerer

Last but not least a good old Chaos Sorcerer! I decided to go nuts with blues, pinks, purples, greens, and my favourite colour: turquoise! (which proved difficult to spell in English!)

Tzeentch Sorcerer

It shows through that I spent most time on the facial features than on the rest, but it actually just started out as a fun test and practice with colours! I have recently shown progress with gold and non metallic gold techniques, but not on this one :-P I even painted a tuft on the base in different purples and blues and added some nail-glitter-thingies shaped as beach shells and starfish on the base and painted them in the same theme.
Pretty psychedelic and matches my passion for Led Zeppelin :-D

I used one of my old Games Workshop Screamers from my Warhammer Daemons Army as a reference.


Nightmaw – Without Sayl the Faithless

I’ve had this Nightmaw (from Forge World’s Sayl the Faithless) primed and ready to paint for a long time. But recently I decided to do some experimenting and learn how to get better at painting skin and shadows. So Nightmaw was the perfect choice! Instead of his more purple depiction in the Tamurkhan book, he is now used as a Tzeentch Chaos Spawn.
Nightmaw is actually the result of 3 of Sayl’s fellow apprentices being melted together (disgusting, right?)


I kept the base very clean to highlight the skin on Nightmaw. I had to freehand a lot of the skin, as it was too plain without. But the details on this are amazing! Here he is from a few more angles:

I only used Reaper Paints for this which are “hands down” the best skin paints in the world. The darkest shadow is Tanned Shadow (using the whole triad with Tanned Skin and Tanned Highlight) Then went on to Fair Skin (and the Fair Highlight). I painted bloodshot eyes based with Redstone Highlight (which is perfect for painting lips and soft wounds without looking pink) and Fair Skin Highlight as the brightest (it’s almost white)
The wounds were painted using Imperial Purple and highlighted with Redstone Highlight mixed with the skin colours on my palette.
I used a little bit of Flesh Wash from Vallejo to make the shadows a bit darker. The wash has a very matte finish and is great in small amounts.
Teeth and claws were painted the same way as the skin but highlighted with Khaki Highlights (I always avoid bright white colours, as it gives a very cold and often chalky feel to the miniature)

I spent around two evenings on this one (not including preparations, basing and priming), and he looks really badass in my display cabinet! Oh and his master Sayl is patiently waiting for a paint job on my table (as he has done for the past two years)…