The Jeweler’s Workshop

Me and my RPG gaming group needed a few shops for our ongoing WFRP campaign – Set in the Warhammer city Middenheim. I decided to make some accessories for a jeweler’s store. Below you can see a WIP picture when I started out – I wanted to make it very extravagant with a lot of gems and shiny stuff.

Jeweler's Shop Counter

Below you can see what the final result ended up like. I made some tables and other accessories to go with the desk and chair. The armchair is from the Banquet Table set from Grendel. The desk from Thomarillion has been heavily modified with a bunch of shiny stuff.

Jeweler Shop 1

And this is how the store ended up looking in a session.

Jeweler Shop 2

The last thing I need now is the actual artisan, I guess he’s on vacation until then. I’ve spotted a few potential candidates, but I haven’t decided on one particular miniature yet. I’ll update this page once I’ve found and painted the jeweler to complete the set.

Update 12-01-2016:

I’ve found the artisan! Farrador Barrigon from Freebooter Miniatures. The miniature is not sculpted by Werner Klocke, but is a 3D sculpt by Krysa Project. But the miniature still has a lot of character – I’m a bit worried by the tiny 3D printed layers, but they are very tiny, so hopefully you won’t be able to notice them once painted.

Farrador Barrigon

I’ll update once again when he’s finished :-)