Mordheim Ruined Buildings

A few months ago I laid the finishing touches on these ruins from the Spanish company Escenorama. And I can highly recommend their products! I painted all the pieces in the same colour theme so I would be able to put them next to each other to resemble a single large ruined building.

Next batch will be different! I am thinking dark brown colours for the roofs and maybe even coloured walls.

One of the roof tiles was missing from the set, but we managed to make one out of the walkways from the Goblin Town Set from Games workshop.

I had a blast painting them and especially adding the small details, posters, barrels, signs, ruined furniture and gory blood!

The Abandoned School:

One of the ruined parts was painted as an abandoned school with books, blackboards and various educational products! Luckily the kids made it out safe! Or did they?!
I am still missing to paint the school sign outside. Was about to paint a girl and a boy, but I feared it would look too much like a toilet entrance! Will paint a book instead some day :)

I have a feeling that an Orc might have had something to do with the bad math on the blackboard! They are known to hang out in the school in the late hours.
I Added posters from the creepy children book “Big Bastian” that pretty much every kid in my country had when they were little. Original name of the book is Struwwelpeter by Heinrich Hoffman and I do not recommend reading this book before bedtime, even as an adult!

A Second Order:

As they are great for Mordheim I recently bought even more of their ruin sets – this time their large Village Set which consists of 5 modular buildings that can be assembled in any way possible. All the floor modules are identical and the same goes for the roof and middle sections, but because of the variety of possibilities in which they can be assembled, you don’t really notice it :) I think some of the bottom parts have barrels attached to them but that is pretty much the only difference.
The only downside is the picture frame included in every single first floor (and second if you assemble larger ruins), which makes it a little hard to paint differently. I think I will try to file some of them off next time.

Included in the set are 3 pieces of barricades that I am looking forward to painting. And I went on to buying some of their bases aswell :)

They are rather slow at delivering them, however (this time it has taken more than 1½ month and haven’t received them yet), but I’d say they are worth the wait. Was supposed to use them in last week’s Mordheim game, but I reckon they are ready by next game.

You can find Escenorama’s site here: