New Campaign – New heroes!

Just finished painting the new heroes for our WFRP campaign! This time in Talabecland (the latest ones were in Middenland and Nordland) I know Cubicle 7 is going to release both a Fantasy (old style) and a Sigmarine rpg ruleset, so I’m looking very much forward to this! (not so much the Age of Sigmarine one)

Here we have our first hero; The Dwarf Shieldmaiden Dagna:

I painted her in very subtle colours (with lots of purple shades), now that the party is a shady bunch (for a change), so heroes is a vague word for them as they dabble in thieves’ guilds and much more! The miniature is the very cool Freja Fangbreaker from Reaper Miniatures (Sculpted by Werner Klocke)

Next up! The Rogue and the Ranger


The Death of Ghartek

Another break from vacation!

As mentioned in a previous post, our heroes from our RPG group recently went on a search for a Dwarf named Snortek. The reason for this is that the very well loved dwarf Ghartek died a horrible death in the Knobelsdorff society (our First Aid expertised hero failed to save him) Little do people know that Ghartek was an extremely racist Dwarf who hated Elves (especially our Wood elf Hero Beluar with whom he relentlessly pranked in every way possible) and it so happened that right before he died from a Skaven attack, he put all the blame on poor Beluar who now believes he is cursed! (he did temporarily dye Ghartek’s beard pink, drop his glasses into his chamberpot and other sorts of devious pranks)

Luckily, there is still hope for our poor Beluar! Ghartek’s nephew Snortek is heading for Middenheim with funeral plans. Maybe Beluar can redeem himself by being VERY nice to the nephew?

Either way! Here are the now late Ghartek and his rather confused and narcoleptic nephew Snortek (pun intended)

Ghartek & Snortek

Fantasy Miniatures Commission

I just finished another commission for my friend from Spain, who’s making a cool dungeon project that I’ve mentioned in a previous post. I’m not always a fan of commissions, but I enjoy the wide range of different miniatures I paint for him.

I tried some new methods for painting the skin on the Flagellant (The second picture), with some more extreme highlighting than I usually do. I like the end result and it’s possibly something I’ll start to do more in the future.

For the Mocking Beast (Picture 5) I added some extra gems and pearls that makes the content inside even more interesting.

The dwarves on picture 1 was converted (Not by me) and I think they ended up looking very good. I’m actually not completely sure where the miniatures are from, but I think they’re from Games Workshop :-)

The Pictures:

Helja the Runesmith

In the great Knobelsdorf Society of Middenheim there are people of many nationalities, gender and race. As a place of learning and the occasional adventure hooks, I thought it was about time to introduce our local Runesmith Helja which just recently entered our sessions. She is a formidable dwarf with a keen knowledge and she is quite an experienced fighter.

Margara Runesmith 1

I really love this miniature and I think Werner Klocke did a great job. Female dwarves don’t always get the best treatment from sculptors.

I painted her in warm red and purple colours with a messy blacksmith’s apron (she works a lot!). Here are a few more pictures:

Christmas Miniatures & Diorama

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Just in time for christmas – The two christmas dwarves below are from Scibor – I painted these two 2 years ago I believe it was. But I figured I might as well put them up on my blog now.


The other two pictures are from a little Christmas diorama I put together this year. I finished painting it a few days ago and kinda had to rush-paint it to be finished before Christmas (I didn’t want it ending up on my table for a whole year ;-)

The miniatures are from Reaper and RAFM – The woman with the baby carriage is actually from RAFM’s Cthulhu line and had a tentacled baby – But don’t worry I removed the tentacles sticking out of the carriage! Just don’t look under the blanket…

Christmas Diorama 2015

Christmas Diorama 2