Zombicide: Black Plague – More Kickstarter Exclusive Survivors

Phew, it’s been a month already since my last post! So I thought it was about time to put up the last of the kickstarter exclusives.

This is the last 3 of the Kickstarter exclusives I believe!

From left to right we have Gowan (Christopher Lambert as Connor Mcleod from Highlander), Hitch (David Bowie as Jareth the Goblin King from Labyrinth) and Xuxa (Lucy Lawless as Xena the Warrior Princess)

I freehanded the Kilt on Gowan and added some make-up on Hitch to match David Bowie’s makeup in Labyrinth. Xuxa is really bad-ass as she can kill Abomination from the start of a game!

Here’s the original artwork and description of the Survivors:

Next up: My big Fishing Village project, including a boat, warepiles, merchants and more!

Zombicide: Black Plague – Kickstarter Exclusive Survivors… And doors!

Since our puppy is taking a long nap (been at the beach today!) I thought I could squeeze in another post! Have some pictures of Kickstarter Exclusive Survivors and the 3D doors we bought as an add-on ready for a show off :)

Since there is are more than 20 Kickstarter Exclusive Survivors I decided to group some of them up in teams for their picture. I’ve already shown Scowl and Evil Troy, Grom and Thalia, aswell as the Monty Python Ensemble in earlier posts, so here is another 7 Survivors!

7 Survivors Exclusives

From left to right we have Falstaff (Gary Oldman – Dracula), Lady Faye (Kristen Stewart – Snow White and the Huntsman,), Lucas (Liam Neeson – Kingdom of Heaven), James (Sean Connery – In the Name of the Rose) William Bleak (Sean Bean – Lord of the Rings), Troy (Bruce Campbell – Army of Darkness) and Paul (Chris Hemsworth – Snow White and the Huntsman – without beard!)

Also from Snow White and the Huntsman is Queen Madea (Charlize Theron) in a Necromancer version. You can find it in my Kickstarter Necromancer post here.

Iconic Dungeon Doors

The 3D Door set available at retailers, is a great addition to the game as it makes the doors much easier to see! I painted some of the doors Blue and Green to indicate the locked doors. Normal doors are painted various browns. Here is a small selection of the many doors painted for the set (you need a lot for some of the scenarios!)

3D Doors

We seal all our Zombicide Miniatures with an Acrylic Varnish Primer from Vallejo (Spraying them in a fine matte coat) to protect them, as many of them end up in a pile throughout the game. You lose some of the details and vibrant colours when doing so, but I think it’s worth it in the end! Besides, you can always add some highlights and glossy blood afterwards! The doors were no exception and we gave them several layers of varnish to prevent paint chipping off when opening/closing the doors (yes they are fully functioning!)

3D Doors with a view

As you can see, Snow White is ready to invite you in for a snack (the snack being you!) :-D

Stay tuned for more Exclusives!

Zombicide: Black Plague – Kickstarter Npc’s (Notorious Plagued Characters)

Time to show some more painted Zombicide miniatures!

These NPC zombies were only available during their Kickstarter (most of their Kickstarter Exclusives would probably have some sorts of copyright issues if released through retailers, as loads of TV and movie references occur!)

These Notorious Plagued Characters have the same rules as all the other NPC’s and can be mixed together. The only difference from regular Walkers is the optional rule of “Collecting”. See my other post for clarification! The Kickstarter Exclusives included 3 iconic NPC’s (4 of each)

Kickstarter Exclusives NPC's

From left to right we have the Headless Eddard Stark (spoilers I’m afraid, but if you haven’t watched Game of Thrones by now, you probably deserve it!), Snow White and the Pope himself!
I painted each of them in different colours, for more variation, including a cardinal version of the pope as shown in the picture above! I also painted Snow White in the colours used in the Kickstarter stretch goal artwork.

Here is a shot of all the NPC’s I have painted so far including the NPC-1 set & these exclusives (have the NPC-2 set primed and ready for paint aswell… so many zombies!)

All NPC's

I simply must post a picture of the huge mess this game really is! Sooo many boxes with miniatures. Especially since we lost our minds and bought every single Special Guest box aswell… :-P
Below is the artwork and Stretch Goals of the NPC’s.

Kickstarter Stretch Goal

Zombicide: Black Plague – Wulfsburg Expansion

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about of our Zombicide project, so I decided to snap some pictures of the Wulfsburg Expansion. Pretty cool set, and it comes with some very nice heroes and cool Zombie Wolfz + Wolf-Bomination.

Wonder if they ever make more content, or if they only make things via Kickstarter. Which is a shame, since we’ll have to end up waiting a long time for it, if it gets delayed like all their other projects, including Massive Darkness, which my husband and I backed a while back. (it was due in April which is now… but it seems it’s delayed for late 2017/early 2018. I hope I’m wrong about that!)

Not that I have that much time on my hands for painting all those minis anyway, but the conversion/crossover set for Zombicide: Black Plague, is tempting!

Black Plague: Wulfsburg

The Zombie Wolfz are like Runners from the core game, but with up to 3 attacks in 1 activation instead of the Runners’ 2. The Wolfbomination is absolutely insane compared to other abominations, because like the Zombie Wolfz, it has up to 3 attacks in 1 activation, so you really gotta act quick and pray it doesn’t spawn early! And it chews through armour as normal abominations. We usually play with 3 different abominations, just to spice things up :)

I found some Gameplay photos of this expansion and the core game. In the first one we used lots of fire tokens from our RPG to remind us that the room is supposed to be on fire! (Scenario in the Core Rule Book) and on the second photo, you can see two of the tower tiles included in the Wulfsburg Expansion!

I’m still missing pictures of the latest acquired Special Guest Boxes! So stay tuned for that! :)

Zombicide: Black Plague – Kickstarter Necromancers and Medieval Batman!

Been a while since my last Zombicide post and I still have loads of painted heroes and zombies waiting in line. It’s a good thing though, since I haven’t even started on all the new boxes I bought recently (including crowz and special guest boxes I didn’t buy from the Kickstarter!)

Here we have the 3 exclusive Necromancers which were only available during the Kickstarter. Most of the exclusive miniatures have some sort of connection to movies, books, comics and TV.

Zombicide Necromancers

Here we have (from left to right) Evil Troy (Bruce Campbell’s Evil Ash counterpart from Army of Darkness), Grin (Medieval Joker) and Queen Medea (Charlize Theron as Queen Ravenna from Snow White and the Huntsman)

All of them have unique Necromancer Cards. Medea cannot be killed unless she is the only zombie in her zone, Evil Troy can be killed as normal but he will resurrect each turn unless he takes 3 damage in one blow and whenever a zombie in Grin’s zone activates, he activates aswell, making him a quick SoB who needs to be taken down immediately! We usually include all the Necromancers including the extra core one that was included in the kickstarter aswell + Ostokar from the Special Guest Box by Naïade. Really stressful ending up with 6 necromancers, but that’s part of the fun!

I used very exaggerated highlights on Queen Medea to make her dress seem “silvery” like her artwork. I painted Grin a lot less bloody (his face is bathed in blood in the artwork as the Joker’s make-up)

Batman & Joker

Here is a photo of Scowl (Batman) and Grin (Joker) side by side. I really like the way they made the Kickstarter Exclusives unique. Still a shame that they aren’t available to retailers, as the miniatures really deserve a re-run.

Ye Old Inn’s Blogspot site has made a complete list of the characters and their respective counterparts with artwork and description. Find it Here – It’s good fun :)

Last but not least! Here are the artwork and description pictures of the Necromancers!

Zombicide: Black Plague Survivors – Monty Python Ensemble – Kickstarter Exclusives

More Survivors coming up!

Here are the obvious Monty Python inspired survivors from the Zombicide: Black Plague – Kickstarter Exclusive box. I used both the artwork from their character cards and photos from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” to make up the colour for their armor and tabards. Sadly there was no space on poor Sir Robin (or Sir Robin the Not-Quite-So-Brave-as-Sir Lancelot ) for his iconic fleeing chicken heraldry he dons on both tabard and shield. But I did end up satisfied with the green/white pattern :-)

Monty Python Ensemble

To show the simularities, I placed them in the same order as the classic photo from the film (see below)

Monty Python

From left to right we have Montalban (Brave Sir Robin), Gilbert (Sir Bedevere), Mortimer (King Arthur), Chauncey (Sir Lancelot) and finally Beauregard (Sir Galahad the Pure).

Sir Bedevere’s helmet and feather was really spot on and very fun to paint. Only downpoint is the fact that they are still just plastic minis with many mould-lines and little detail, as “master” casts of these minis in detailed resin would have been awesome to paint!

The characters have various simularities with their Python counterparts such as Montalban’s (Sir Robin) Hit & Run ability and Chauncey’s (Lancelot) Frenzy ability (like when he slaughters a wedding party in the movie) and Mortimer’s (King Arthur) Born Leader talent.

Last but not least a group picture featuring Bob (Tim the Enchanter) who also got to be part of the set!

Monty Heroes

All in all a really cool bunch of minis. Still a lot more left from the Kickstarter set to show off! So stay tuned :-)

Zombicide: Black Plague Zombies – Npc Box 1 (Notorious Plagued Characters)

This one is my painted version of the Npc-1 box included in the Kickstarter which you can buy separately pretty soon.


This set includes 20 miniatures: 5 different and 4 of each :-) from left to right we have the Dutch Woman (with clogs of course. She is described officially as a nurse though), the Executioner/Jailor , the medieval Middle-Eastern dude (Moor), Dwarf gone wild, and the oh-so charming Belly Dancer.

The Npc’s are different from other Zombies as they have their own category and spawn cards. However, when you run out of Npc miniatures, you pick from the Walker miniatures and they both have the highest killing priority.

The set also includes 3 Vault cards which was highly needed in my opinion. The reason they are included is because Npc’s are Collectibles in Zombicide. Kill and Collect 5 different Npc’s and you get a Vault card. Since we also have the 3 different Kickstarter Exclusive Npc’s we thought it was a bit of an overkill, so we don’t use the collector method. Instead we think the whole overrun by Walkers scenario is a lot more fun :-P

Expect a very high number of Walkers/Npc’s when using this box (up to 8 Npc’s per spawn card)

Oh, by the way. Npc does not stand for Non-playing-character as it does in most Rpg’s, but rather Notorious Plagued Characters (such as Eddard Stark from the Kickstarter Exclusives, but we’ll get to that :-)

Here is the box in its original package:


Zombicide: Black Plague Survivors – Kickstarter Exclusives: Grom & Thalia

Woohoo! Now is the time to show off some of all my painted Kickstarter Exclusive minis. The first ones to go are the two Barbarian survivors which are clearly based on Conan and Red Sonja.

Zombicide - Grom and Thalia

Thalia’s stomach looks a bit off on the picture, but not in the hand though! Grom’s sword looks fiery on the artwork, so I went for it on the miniature. Looks kinda neat. Grom’s Barbarian Skill is really useful and incredible when jumping into a group of 10+ zombies! Just dont expect to survive each time :-P The two miniatures have their own little exclusive box, and they ended up looking super sweet together :-D

Since they don’t have an official release box, I thought I’d put in the Kickstarter pledge picture!

Grom and Thalia

Zombiecide: Black Plague Survivors – Special Guest Box: Marc Simonetti

Here is the final Special Guest box from the Kickstarter Knight pledge. This one includes miniatures based on artwork from artist Marc Simonetti.

Survivors - Marc Simonetti

Here we have (from left to right) Cadence, Lady Grimm, Redcap Rodney and Antha!

Antha was quite a challenge as her clothing features many details, and it started out looking horrible with pink, orange, and the whole rainbow basically. Finally nailed it by adding tons of small dots and she looks great in “person” :-) The others were pretty easy to paint. Experimented a bit on Lady Grimm’s armour, adding blue to the mix. She is one of my favourites (mainly because she reminds me of one of my favourite Witcher characters; Ves)

Here is the box in its original package:

Black Plague - Marc Simonetti