As a big fan of the Vermintide franchise I thought that I would find and paint some of the awesome Warhammer Skaven models from Games Workshop that appear in the video games!

Storm Vermin in the streets of Ubersreik

First off we have 7 storm vermin (more than enough for our own Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay campaign) and 3 Clanrats. I painted them with a mix of citadel paints and Reaper miniatures paint. Background is Tabletop World buildings (the walls and a little shed from the bridge terrain) along with some Dunkeldorf cobblestone bases and accessories.

Vicious crazed plague monks!

Next off we have the fearsome Plague Vermin which are always quite a challenge in the game! I really love the one with the “fly eyes” as Nurgle has blessed these rats with plenty of buboes and mutations!

At the moment I’m working on a skaven gunner, globadier, warpfire thrower and a great big Stormfiend! But with my speed it will take a while to finish them all :D

4 thoughts on “Vermintide Stormvermin and Plague Monks”

  1. Hello, I loved your work with this, and honestly, I was wondering if you could shed some light for an amateur with little experience like me in the world of painting. Something like a list of paints used and/or some information on the steps to follow would be something I would greatly appreciate.
    Thank you.

    • Hi!
      For the plague monks I used Reaper paints! Basically military colours and brown sand for the face (with tanned skin for the highlights) and for the storm vermin I primed everything black and drybrush metal paint on top to give it a dark look! Cream colours and red was from Games Workshop, I believe.

      I used some brown paint very thinned with water and a toothbrush to splatter some dirty sploches on their clothing to look like they have been in the sewers for a long time. If you are new to painting details such as the fabric “teeth” I recommend using a thin Micron pen to draw the pattern first! Also works wonders for whiskers :) I used a fine brush for it, but it’s no shame using pens they can be purchased down to 003 size. Just remember to only draw on completely dry paint :)

      Another great tip is to use pigments to give the minis that dusty look! I used them on the base to make it less glossy overall!


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