Orc Warband

This page is dedicated to “The Raiders of the lost Waaaagh” an Orc Warband currently on the loose in Mordheim. It’s my husband’s current warband, so I’ll give the word to him:

Grimrog Headtaker – The Warboss

The orc Warband is led by the the brutal Orc “Grimrog Headtaker” who decapitates all his worthy opponents and keeps their heads as trophies. Not much else is known about the Warboss. But rumour has it that he’s searching for more than just Wyrdstones in the ruins of Mordheim.

Mordheim: Orc Warboss

Wazaag the Shaman:

Wazaag is the comedian of the Warband and encourages the other orcs from the warband to pull elaborate pranks on Grimrog, unfortunately this often ends with disastrous results as Grimrog doesn’t have the same sense of humour as Wazaag. Countless orcs have lost their lives due to Wazaag’s pranks, but so far Grimrog hasn’t figured out the mastermind behind the pranks.

Avatars of War: Orc Shaman #1

Gutgro the Gobbo-Eater:

Gutgro’s story is quite tragic, a goblin leader that some would call ignorant had the great idea to steal a black orc baby and raise it to serve as his “Creation” to put fear into the hearts of other goblin leaders in nearby caves.
Gutgro grew large very fast and generally had a very good relationship to his “Father”, but unfortunately the Goblin’s diet didn’t quite work out for him and one day he “Accidently” killed and ate a goblin member of the tribe.

From then on he started to eat a goblin member of the tribe for lunch each day, until only his “Father” was left.. I’ll not go further into the story, but the following day, Gutgro left the cave with a full stomach in search of more food (Preferably goblin loins) – He eventually stumbled into Grimrog’s warband heading for Mordheim and joined up after seeing the tasty goblins in the warband.

Orc Warband - Bigun 1

 Morkwarg the Skavenbasher

Morkwarg and his brother Gorkwarg have always had a bad habbit of bragging a lot. Morkwarg had heard stories of a race called “Skaven” and quickly told all the orcs he came across that he and his brother recently had killed a bunch of these skaven… “Must’ve been at least 10 times as many fingers as I’m holding up!” Additionally they claimed to have knowledge about this race that no one else knew.

It didn’t take more than a few days before Grimrog heard of the two brothers. Grimrog duelled Morkwarg and after his victory commanded him to join the Warband heading for Mordheim, where he knew these Skaven were roaming the streets in abundance.


Unfortunately Morkwarg met his demise in Mordheim after but a few battles and he didn’t even get to bash a single Skaven. Rumour has it that Grimrog has ordered his brother Gorkwarg to come in his stead, time will only tell if the orc messenger gets the word out to the brother.

Gorkwarg the Skavenstompa

The runner and his guards that Grimrog sent out on a journey to find Gorkwarg finally paid off (They did however get lost 4 times in the process).
Gorkwarg tried his best to weazel his way out of going to Mordheim, because if his much larger brother Morkwarg couldn’t survive there, what chance did he stand? This wasn’t of course Gorkwarg’s excuse, but instead he tried to reason with the messenger, stating that his “Skaven-expertise” was needed somewhere way more important.

The orc messenger and his guards made it clear that Gorkwarg either followed them to Mordheim or faced them in combat. The following day Gorkwarg was on his way to Mordheim. And according to the latest reports, the Raiders are soon to explore a Skaven-infested area of Mordheim where Gorkwarg’s “Expertise” surely will come in handy!

The Orc Leaders

A group picture of the happy orc leaders before Morkwarg’s untimely death (The last goblin remaining in the warband tried to photobomb the picture, but was spotted by Gutgro. After the picture there were no longer any goblins left in the warband)

Mordheim Orc Warband Leaders

The Henchmen (Melee):

Even though Grimrog on multiple occassions have told his henchmen not to spend so much time looting stuff from their enemies and only to focus on the valuable Wyrdstone, they continue to loot and equip themselves with junk from their fallen enemies. Wazzaag might have a key role in this as he finds great humour in seeing these orcs running around in “Humie rags”.

The Henchmen (Ranged):

After a couple of near death experiences for Grimrog, he thought that he would try out those shooty cowardy weapons that the humies and stunties use. Grimrog decided that his faithful sergeant “Deadeye” should be the first Orc in the warband to try out the new weapon. Unfortunately for Deadeye he ended up poking his eye out on the first day of trying out the new weapon. The Raiders did however have some luck with them in Mordheim, as they later that day killed a group of humies equipped with crossbows; Let’s test these out tomorrow Grimrog shouted!

Deadeye, the day after his incident (Not having learned much…)

Deadeye and the four lucky Orcs to try out the crossbows. Mordheim Ranged Orcs

The Orc Standard

The Orc Standard is used as a reminder to the forgetful Orc Commander to remember his animosity rolls. And perhaps even to get his opponents to remember it for him.

Orc Animosity Standard

The Orcs ready to rumble in Mordheim

Mordheim Orc Warband

After arriving in Mordheim, Grimrog quickly caught the scent of a filthy dwarf – Thus began the dwarf hunt!

Orc Warband - Dwarf Hunt

Further Updates:

This page will be updated with new pictures – The warband have already lost one hero, and another one will soon take his place – Pictures and fluff about the new hero to follow soon!