Another commissioned Elven Ranger!

A while ago I painted an Arcane Ranger for an Italian customer, which I really enjoyed painting! And I couldn’t turn down another chance of painting this guy, when an Australian customer wanted one for an RPG!

The miniature is the amazing Male Elven Ranger with Bow from Dark Sword Miniatures (yeah, their miniature names aren’t that inventive!) Sculpted by the talented Jeff Grace.

This time I pushed the envelope and he turned up great! I painted him in a black/silver colour scheme using mainly Reaper and Scale75 paints. I dabbled with both NMM and some Alchemical paints from Scale75 which looks a little like metallic paints, but with a super fine pigment that dries in a satin finish.

Male Elven Ranger

Again, it is a little hard to see on pictures, but he looks amazing in “person” and I’m pretty proud of how he turned out :-)

He arrived safe and sound, so that’s a relief. People really underestimate the nerves artists have when shipping miniatures this fragile around the world! I did manage to seal the bottom (this one was painted without a plastic base) dozens of times, just to be sure! And his cloak, dagger and bow were also sealed many times, and I am happy that the many layers didn’t decrease the overall look :)

3 thoughts on “Another commissioned Elven Ranger!”

  1. Hi, my name is Noel. I am the proud Australian owner of this mini (his name is Berek Surehands) and I can vouch for the quality of Nana’s work. He battles orcs, ogres, hobgoblins etc every Sunday on our kitchen table 🙂. Thank you again Nana, excellent work backed by excellent customer service 👍

    • Hi Noel!
      Thanks a lot :-D he was a pleasure to paint! Glad he is doing well in battle! Let me know if he ever needs a friend for the battlefield ;)

      Kind regards


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