Christmas Gift For My Nephew

A picture of a very successful Christmas gift for my awesome 5 year old nephew :-)


He loves pirates and recently had a small toy treasure chest which he “accidently” gave his best friend for his birthday. So my husband and I decided to assemble a treasure worthy for a pirate. A lot of the items inside are parts of our WFRP props, such as the gems, watch (which my nephew insisted was a magic compass) and coins. The jewelry was ordered from China and obviously not worth much, but pirates (and kids) aren’t good at telling the difference, as my nephew spouted: “I’m rich!!” as he opened it! Priceless moment!

Oh, and he took that pirate note we glued to the lid VERY seriously to the point where we had to tell him that if he gave permission to his sister, she wouldn’t be cursed for a hundred years!

An awesome present that is going to be very hard to top next year!

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