Finished Commission

About a month ago I finished a commission for a British friend, who wanted some heroes for a Rogue Trader campaign. I believe it’s the first time I’ve ever painted a Space Marine’ish miniature (finished painting one that is) I believe it’s a Blood Angel naimed Mephiston. The other one, I’m not so sure. The woman is from Maow Miniatures – a limited edition one.

Just finished another commission for a Spanish friend of mine! Just need to get some picture taken!

2 thoughts on “Finished Commission”

  1. As the British friend in question I have to say that Nana is fantastic. Her painting is wonderful and she is a lovely person to boot. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. More minis in the new year!!!

    • Happy New Year to you too awesome Simon! Thank you for always giving me a challenge and helping me improve my skills! :-)
      Looking forward to it painting more of your quirky minis :D

      – Nana


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