Mutant – Enemy Within Campaign

Been chasing this mini online for about a year and suddenly he popped up on eBay! And I just had to own him no matter the cost! Fortunately for me, there wasn’t much competition and I got him far cheaper than i anticipated. Because I mean, who doesn’t go all out on tentacled mutants!?

Tentacle Mutant

He is from the campaign Enemy Within for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay first edition, so this mini is older than me! He only has a minor role in the Death on the Reik book, and was back then described as a Beastmen (before the (in)famous chaos goatmen claimed the title) He appeared along with some other characters of questionable appearances in an ambush on the ship I was sailing and he was a very memorable character. Here is a picture from the book along with the other assailants.

Mutant Artwork

I decided to paint him in a more recent mutated state, as he is still wearing his nobleman clothes in pristine colours. As if he has just sprouted fish feet and tentacle-arms!
The tentacles were a challenge to paint though as there were very little details and I had to freehand most of the tentacle’s “suckers” ;-)

Here are a few more pictures of the dashing gentleman who has yet to appear in our Middenheim Campaign (though I have heard rumours!)


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  1. I think there was also one more named Slurd. Haven’t came across any of those unfortunately yet. But hunt still is going on…

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