New Campaign – New heroes!

Just finished painting the new heroes for our WFRP campaign! This time in Talabecland (the latest ones were in Middenland and Nordland) I know Cubicle 7 is going to release both a Fantasy (old style) and a Sigmarine rpg ruleset, so I’m looking very much forward to this! (not so much the Age of Sigmarine one)

Here we have our first hero; The Dwarf Shieldmaiden Dagna:

I painted her in very subtle colours (with lots of purple shades), now that the party is a shady bunch (for a change), so heroes is a vague word for them as they dabble in thieves’ guilds and much more! The miniature is the very cool Freja Fangbreaker from Reaper Miniatures (Sculpted by Werner Klocke)

Next up! The Rogue and the Ranger


2 thoughts on “New Campaign – New heroes!”

  1. That is one well painted miniature!

    It would seem if I had just kept reading your older posts, I could have answered my previously posted question.

    I am in agreement with you. I don’t need any space marines in my warhammer fantasy games.

    • Thank you so much! I added tons of purple in both skin, washes on the armor and axe. So she is fierce :D

      Hehe, well I do have a fair amount of posts to look through ;-D

      – Nana


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