New Pre-painted Section at King Games

I finally got the Pre-painted section up and running at!!

Albeit only a little portion of all the finished products.. Time was an issue and I promised quite a few customers that I’d be ready by March, so I was already a running a bit late! Here are some samples of the items for sale:

Many more items to come when I find the time!

At the moment I am painting a commission for a customer and a Tabletop-World building for their Annual Painting Competition.
I don’t stand a chance, but you get a 20% discount in their shop just by participating. And I got the Watermill with river section for Christmas, so I need more river sections for a large terrain table. I got Wall sections and Towers aswell, to use alongside the Towngate, which I have failed to put up on the blog. Still need some flags and accessories on it. We already used the gate for RPG sessions and it’s amazing! The gate itself is not attached and can be lowered and raised as you please :)


2 thoughts on “New Pre-painted Section at King Games”

  1. Hey Nana,

    So happy to see your prepainted pieces back at Kings! I placed two orders yesterday and noticed today that my address is incorrect. I live in Owensboro, Kentucky… not Alabama. Thanks for some great D&D pieces, sorry for the trouble…


    • Hi Scott,
      Glad you like them! And good thing we got the issue solved :)

      Remember to write me when they arrive. It’s nice to know if they survived and the shipping time :-D

      Kind regards,


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