Painted Dunkeldorf Miniatures

Finally I can show some more of the of the Dunkeldorf citizens I have painted the last few months for our Kickstarter. We will soon receive the last resin masters from the Kickstarter, which is still open for pre-orders/late pledges by the way!
Link here:
Great timing actually, because as of this moment, I only have Wilhelm von Struttendorf left on the work table. And within a week or so I will receive another 5 minis, including a certain popular Ogre! Along with loads of accessories! Can’t wait!! :-D

Erika, the Blacksmith, dreaming of her former life as a Zweihander for the Imperial army.

Erika Schmidt, former Zweihander in the Imperial army, now local blacksmith after her leg injury.
Although, somewhat disabled, she still dreams of her former glory and perhaps a future as an adventurer? :)
I managed to paint some of her tattoos aswell as her grizzled scar!

Littleton Proudcock on his trusy stool!

Littleton Proudcock, the Tavern Keeper comes in 2 pieces, him and his trusty stool! So he can either stand on his stool or on the ground aswell! I painted an elaborate version of his stool with pretty flowers :)

Ludmilla von Struttendorf, owner of the the local coaching service, The Winged Serpent

Ludmilla von Struttendorf in all her green splendor! Her family owns the prestigous “The Winged Serpent Express” and her family sigil is the serpent. So I thought it would be fitting to paint her using green colours. I used reaper paints for the miniature, including Viper green (fitting name) and the Olive skin triad for her dress. The skin is a mix of Tanned skin, Fair skin and Burgundy Wine. She would look very cool in a black dress with writings on the headpiece cloth and with bright red lips and gems too! Maybe next time!

Here are the artwork the characters are made from:

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