Skaven Engineers & Poison Wind Globadier

… Plus Ratty the Helper!

3 more Skaven miniatures done for the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay campaign in Middenheim. I added the little exhaust on the engineer in the middle to spice him up.

Skaven Engineers & Poison Wind Globadier

I fell in love with Ratty the Helper when painting the skaven engineer, what a cute little guy, loading the engineer’s pistol for him! I just had to give him a bit more spotlight, so a picture of the engineer from the other side below ;)

Skaven Engineer & Ratty the Helper


I still got a few Skaven miniatures left to paint before there’s enough, but luckily I’ve found a lot of inspiration in Warhammer artwork on the internet. Especially the work of Daarken has helped me a lot with the direction I wanted to take some of the miniatures in. I’ve included some of his artwork below.

Skaven Plaguemonk Artwork

Skaven Master Moulder Artwork


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