Tabletop-World: Coaching Inn

This one is the Coaching Inn from Tabletop-World and at the time of purchase (2013), the largest house they ever made. In 2014 however, they made an even bigger Mansion and finally in 2015 they added the Town Gate which is enormous! Wonder how 2016 will look!

I actually painted this one twice because I thought it would look cool with red patterned stones instead of standard grey. Boy, was I wrong! The whole thing looked like a big mess! So I decided to start over and try again with the standard grey theme. Looked a lot better :) Also added some of my many warepiles for extra flavour!

Still it is a fragile building (especially the balcony railing, which miraculously survived the trip from Croatia) and I shiver every time one of my friends tries to use the balcony in Mordheim!

5 thoughts on “Tabletop-World: Coaching Inn”

  1. Hi there! I love the red roof on this one! I am working on the table-top world gatehouse, and I’d like to try to make the roof this same sort of rusty red. Would you mind sharing your method?


  2. Hi Michele!
    Sure thing! I am working on that monstrum as well. It sure is a heavy building when painting details!

    For my red roofs I use Reaper’s Clotted Red (any semi-dark red will do) and a brown wash (Citadel/GW) both for shadows and for protection for when I drybrush.
    I then give the roof a heavy drybrush with Clotted Red again.
    For highlights I use a small drybrush with Rust Brown (a dark orange Reaper colour, so any dark orange will do) and drybrush random tiles (every 4th – 6th) row after row. It doesn’t matter if you hit some other tiles in the process, cause it will look great none the less. Then I do the same with an old Calthan Brown (Oop GW paint, but any red-brown such as Mournfang Brown from gw or Intense Brown from Reaper) and Voilá!
    You can use a lighter brown (sand coloured) for the last highlights on some of the tiles if it needs to be weathered down a bit :)

    It’s rather easy and not as time consuming as one would think! Compared to painting windows and other details :-x

    Hope you can use the tips!

    – Nana

  3. Hi Nana !
    I love the way your Coaching Inn turned out !!
    I’ve had some … frustrations … trying to color the stucco. Can you please share how you achieved such a nice color and gradual fade ? What colors did you use ? I think I start with too much yellow.
    Thank you –

    • Hi Mike,
      Thanks a lot!
      Ooh it’s been a while since I painted it! But I recall using an old GW ochre paint (dark/deep yellow) and I think (not 100% sure) that it’s the same or close to Averland Sunset from GW. It’s the same one I used for the sack on the ground in front of the house. After that, I used a dark white’ish colour called Rakarth Flesh (from GW), then finished using a Reaper paint called Khaki Highlights (not entirely white), but I guess any white with a “brown touch” will do (I’m talking paints here!) I usually avoid using bright white colours, since they can so easily ruin everything :-P
      Hope this helps!
      Merry Christmas!

  4. Hi Nana !
    Great, thank you ! That’s a big help !!
    As suspected, I started with too bright a yellow and then used too pure a white. I realize I need to mute colors more, especially on larger projects / surfaces.
    Merry Christmas, to you, too !!!


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