Tabletop-World: Mansion

This is the wooping large Mansion from Tabletop-World. A really large building and the tallest house I own (not counting the watch tower or town gate) I added some of my warepiles to the picture for a little flavour and size comparison :)

Tabletop-World Mansion
The building is in 3 floors with a huge roof and a cute spire. I did the unthinkable and glued every section together as I knew I would never actually use the interior of the building. The size is realistic but hardly any furniture I own except Tabletop-World’s own pieces fit inside, plus the building easily get worn down and chipping paint when continously being pulled apart.
Another reason for this is because I use it for RPG’s and Mordheim. When several people move the buildings with loose sections around, accidents are bound to happen as it is pretty unpredictable where the sections are combined to the different pieces. Only 2 of the Tabletop-World buildings I own have fully painted interior and so far never seen the light in any sessions.

Tabletop-World Mansion 1

The spire bronze-roof is actually the only part of the paint job I am not 100% satisfied with. I think I would paint the bronze a bit darker next time as it blends in with the wood colours.

I didn’t glue the spire roof together for limited space reasons as it is quite a tall building. Unfortunately, the spire looks a bit crooked on the pictures. Most likely because it wasn’t adjusted properly that day.

I was quite happy with the rest of the building, although I absolutely dreaded painting all those windows. Never painted that many before! Atleast they turned out OK :-)

Still a really cool building and it looks awesome on the gaming table! :-D

2 thoughts on “Tabletop-World: Mansion”

  1. Hi –
    LOVE the buildings and the amazing paint jobs !! Just started collecting some of my own. Got the Coaching in to use as a centerpiece in my simple Armorcast Medieval Buildings. Any painting tips you care to share ?

    Oh, as far as the bronze spire: It is well done but I see your point about it being too close to the rest of the roof tone. Maybe add a patina wash to it to darken it up and weather it ?


    • Hi Mike,

      Thank you so much for your kind words – Regarding tips – When I made my Coaching Inn I made the roof red and I tried to make an effort to make the tiles in various colors to show some weathering. I basically just washed different tiles randomly with 3-4 different washes and highlighted where needed.

      Thank you for the idea – I actually thought about it back then, but felt that I didn’t have enough experience with patina to attempt it. But I’ve tried more and more with it since then and am more comfortable with it now. So maybe I should get it out and give it a go :)

      Kind regards,


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