Witcher Miniature from Andrea

Witcher - Geralt ArtworkI had bought the White Wolf / Witcher / Geralt miniature from Andrea Miniatures long ago – But it wasn’t until recently that I finally finished the miniature that had been collecting dust for at least three years. The model is quite obviously based on the Geralt look from Witcher 1, which you can see on the artwork picture from Witcher 1.

Even though it’s based on Witcher 1, I still had some problems seeing much resemblance – The armor/clothing doesn’t appear to be based on any artwork or outfit from the game. The face ended up being okay however. Overall I didn’t enjoy painting this one that much, so I did rush some of the parts a bit. But in the end I’m still satisfied with the final result.

The Pictures!

I’ve included four pictures below. For some reason I didn’t capture any pictures from behind, they’ll have to wait for another time. Or perhaps his back will be for my eyes only ;-)