Fantasy Miniatures Commission

I just finished another commission for my friend from Spain, who’s making a cool dungeon project that I’ve mentioned in a previous post. I’m not always a fan of commissions, but I enjoy the wide range of different miniatures I paint for him.

I tried some new methods for painting the skin on the Flagellant (The second picture), with some more extreme highlighting than I usually do. I like the end result and it’s possibly something I’ll start to do more in the future.

For the Mocking Beast (Picture 5) I added some extra gems and pearls that makes the content inside even more interesting.

The dwarves on picture 1 was converted (Not by me) and I think they ended up looking very good. I’m actually not completely sure where the miniatures are from, but I think they’re from Games Workshop :-)

The Pictures:

Mutant – Enemy Within Campaign

Been chasing this mini online for about a year and suddenly he popped up on eBay! And I just had to own him no matter the cost! Fortunately for me, there wasn’t much competition and I got him far cheaper than i anticipated. Because I mean, who doesn’t go all out on tentacled mutants!?

Tentacle Mutant

He is from the campaign Enemy Within for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay first edition, so this mini is older than me! He only has a minor role in the Death on the Reik book, and was back then described as a Beastmen (before the (in)famous chaos goatmen claimed the title) He appeared along with some other characters of questionable appearances in an ambush on the ship I was sailing and he was a very memorable character. Here is a picture from the book along with the other assailants.

Mutant Artwork

I decided to paint him in a more recent mutated state, as he is still wearing his nobleman clothes in pristine colours. As if he has just sprouted fish feet and tentacle-arms!
The tentacles were a challenge to paint though as there were very little details and I had to freehand most of the tentacle’s “suckers” ;-)

Here are a few more pictures of the dashing gentleman who has yet to appear in our Middenheim Campaign (though I have heard rumours!)


Avatars of War: Orc Shaman

Yet another post today, I’m on fire! I painted the Avatars of War miniature “Orc Shaman”  for my husband’s Orc Warband to be used in Mordheim. He’s been working on converting a bunch of orcs to appear to be raiding the town (Empire hats, bunch of loot on them etc.) – This one is one of the few “Normal” orcs in the warband.

I’ll put up some more pictures soon of his warband – And my own warband as well (The Possessed).

Mordheim: SoS Matriach

I think this is my first Sisters of Sigmar that I’ve put up on the blog. I’ve been painting them in a few different color schemes as the models are very similar, and I want them to have different uses for RPG’ing. But here’s the first one, the Matriach – In pretty traditional Sigmar colors:

I’m looking forward to getting more Sisters of Sigmar up on the blog – I’ll eventually put up separate pages for each of the Mordheim Warbands – Hopefully I’ll have time to start on it soon :-)

Empire Captain with Scar

Another Warhammer Empire Captain! He’s sure to be given a role in an upcoming WFRP session in Middenheim, as I painted him with a blue color scheme, fitting for Middenheim/Middenland.
The comet symbol throws it a bit off, since he would probably be an Ulric worshipper, but it’s still a minor detail ;-)

Warhammer: Skeletons

We had to use some skeletons for an upcoming WFRP session, I thought it would be funny to convert some Games Workshop skeletons to appear like some dead empire soldiers. So I added some helmets and stuff for several of them.
It might be more fun to do with Zombies – Something I’ll consider for the future.

Warhammer: Undead Skeletons

Below you can see two pictures of all the 6 skeletons I made and painted. I’ll probably be making a few more soon, there’s always room for more skeletons :-)

Warhammer: Captain with Gory Sword

An Empire Captain with Gory Sword ready for my Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay session! Painted this guy very arrogant looking. He has just decapitated a giant orc without smudging his fine clothes, so of course he uses a cloth to wipe off the orc leftovers from his greatsword!

Empire Captain with Gory Sword

This time I used a very pale skin tone combined with grey eye shadow  to give him a “see if I care!” kinda look. I think it worked out great and he is now ready for an upcoming role as an obnoxious Averlander mercenary in our Middenheim campaign :-)

Skaven: Plague Priest

Another Skaven for the collection – This time a Clan Pestilence character, the Plague Priest. The model is actually pretty large and I ended up putting it on a 32mm base from Tabletop-Art. Good thing I didn’t have to use him on a 20mm square base for a Skaven army back in the good old Warhammer Fantasy days – Must have been a joy fitting him into a regiment.


Commission Work: Miniatures

I recently finished another batch of miniatures for a commission job – It included a bunch of heroes & characters – Many of these were Games Workshop minis. I’m really happy with several of the miniatures and was a bit sad to let go off the Lizardmen Skink Priest and Saurus Warrior, but I know they’re in good hands :-)

I also had to paint two female miniatures with Pink hair, which is something I’ve never done before – But they turned out better than I feared.