Cursed Treasure Set

I painted this awesome Treasure Set from Ristul’s Extraordinary Workshop. I love painting treasure sets and this set is very original and has lots of cool elements – So I actually ended up painting two of them in different color schemes (I’ll probably sell one of the sets at some point ;-)

You can purchase the Cursed Treasure Set here at King Games – Where we’ve also used the pictures above!

Chaos Shrine & Altar

I recently made a pretty cool conversion piece to use as a Chaos Shrine in Warhammer. It started out with two columns from Fenryll, the gargoyles and skull wall from Games Workshop, the top piece from a chaos chariot (I think), some styrofoam for the bottom, a chaos symbol in the bottom and a bunch of candles on top.

I quickly painted it afterwards and decided that the piece also needed an altar – So I used a Fenryll altar and added candles from Tabletop-Art, a book from Ristul’s and some more chaos symbols.

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Chaos Shrine & Altar

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