Another commission finished!

I just finished this commission for a friend of mine! Lots of characterful miniatures and some great zombie conversions! There are so many exciting miniatures in this commission that I had to split it in two. So this is just the first half! Still working on some ghosts and monsters.

I got to try a few new paint combinations including the blonde hair of some of the ladies. I ended up liking the hair of the Bretonnian Sorceress the most, where I used Golden Skin Shadow, thinned down Light Tone Shade, Golden skin and Blonde Highlight.

Here is a group picture with all the miniatures included!

group photo

5 thoughts on “Another commission finished!”

  1. The red-head magician is beautiful, I really love the pose.
    Oh, besides, thank you, for being an example for us hobbyists, I started painting again after finding your blog by chance while looking for pictures of Ulli & Marquand for Mordheim.

    • Wow, thank you so much! You don’t know how much that means to me, just reading that!

      I decided a long time ago, that even if I improved a lot through the years, the main focus would always be the miniatures and not to get “that perfectly painted mini”! A lot of painters delete old pictures of miniatures they painted years back that they aren’t satisfied with, but I think it is important to show everything! And since I use most of my minis for roleplaying games I knew I would very rarely spend 10 or more hours on a mini :-D

      If you have a blog or social media I would love to see it and follow :)

      Kind regards

  2. Awesome job on the colors! Love how you painted the blues and greens in particular, the blending and highlights look extraordinary natural.

    Though I have to ask, I don’t know the miniature that looks like a survivor (square based mini)? The others I recognize and you should pose them on hassle-free site to show off your skills! Reaper too!

  3. Thank you so much Jerry!
    I don’t check the blog that often, so sorry for the late reply!

    The survivor is an old discontinued Warmachine miniature!¨

    Thank you, I will consider this :)

    – Nana


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