Blood elf… I mean High Elf Hero with Sword and Shield

Like many others, painting white colours aren’t my favourite thing, and High Elves tend to wear extensively white and light blue colours. The colours of this one is actually an idea I “borrowed” from one of my friends who built a High Elf army, but decided to make the theme in Blood Elf (Warcraft lore) colours instead of the usual white ones. He never got to the point of painting anything, so I totally stole his idea!

Went for the classic Kael’thas theme with vibrant red and shiny green baubles! He’s ready to show us TREW PAWAH! (Nerd alert)

It’s hard to see on the pictures, but the shield actually ended up pretty cool, starting at dark red at the top and ending with bright orangy red at the bottom!
For some reason, the miniature has “kissy” lips (whatever you call it!), so I had to really tone them down. Somehow he doesn’t seem too tough if he looks like he is about to kiss every passer-by. :-P

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