Mordheim: Undead Dregs

Servants of the Undead

I just finished up two more Mordheim miniatures for my collection: The undead dregs. I painted their skin quite pale as I figured they run around with the undead all day, so their appearance is probably affected by that. There’s not a whole lot of extra details on the dregs, so they didn’t take me too long to paint. I’ve highlighted their facial features as much as possible to let their  apathetic expressions shine through.

Undead Dregs

I’ve started on a few more Mordheim Undeads; The two different vampires and the necromancer. I’m also working on some graveyard bases for the Mordheim zombies, hopefully I can get started on those soon as I’m really looking forward to painting them :)

Miniatures Painting Progress

That’s now a total of 5 miniatures done for my “Mordheim Miniatures Painting Progress”.
As I gradually finish painting more Mordheim miniatures, I’ll make sheets for different warbands, hired swords & Dramatis Personae – But for now, they’ll be mixed together ;)

Mordheim Painting Progress August 28