Notice Board!

One thing we have always used in our RPG’s but never had terrain for is a notice board! It is a very useful prop whether you are in a big city or a small village, ’cause you can always find a missing person note, an advertisement, a wanted poster or a help wanted notice! We couldn’t find any such thing anywhere, so we made one ourselves!

Notice Board

Using balsa and a bunch of accessories it ended up looking pretty cool! We printed out some of the posters we initially made for an advertising pillar (which I will add to the blog at some point!) Ulli and Marquand is loose in our Middeheim campaign so they were an obvious choice for a wanted poster along with other posters (handouts printed in mini-size) a notorious witcher + Scoia’tael leader, advertisement for an awesome shop called King Games, and a real cool handout from WFRP 1st edition (think it was a fan-made version. Thanks to whoever made it!)

UPDATE: I recently posted a link to the posters I used and some tips

5 thoughts on “Notice Board!”

  1. Hi,

    I really like all yours conversions and scenics. I enjoyed Mordheim and now Frostgrave and Zombicide.
    Your notice board is terrific. It’s the point where you start and adventure.

    Can you send me the posters by mail, please ?


  2. Thank you very much for the kind words :-)

    I’m currently on vacation but I can send the posters when I get back home in about 2 week’s time. Feel free to write again in case I should forget it!

  3. Hello,
    the Posters are real awesome, what a great work. Can you also send me the Posters per mail?

    Greetings from Palatine ;-)

  4. Hi guys,
    The posters are up on this blog post in case you were wondering :)
    Feel free to download the posters (the file is around 15mb large, so have patience!)
    Added a little extra posters in various sizes and colours. Stay tuned for advertising pillar!

    – Nana


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