Runebound 3rd Edition – Painted Miniatures

After trying out the game with unpainted miniatures and with old painted versions of the miniatures from Descent 1st edition, I finally came about painting the heroes of Runebound 3rd Edition. I painted them to resemble their respected artwork and I ended up very satisfied with the result!

Runebound 3rd Edition: Miniatures Painted

I admit, I spent most time painting the 2 female heroes (or heroines) but the rest turned out pretty neat aswell :) they are probably 25mm scale or less (mounted on small 20mm round bases)
Here are a few more pictures of  Laurel of Bloodwood, Lyssa and Corbin.

As I’ve written in the “About” section on my website, I am already a very avid fan of the new Runebound game and can highly recommend it. I know there are mixed reviews and the primary critique is that the game is kind of a “skeleton” since it is made for the purpose of expansions to really fulfill the game. But my husband and I have probably played it about 20+ times and still haven’t gotten completely tired of it. We would, however love new heroes and campaigns and eagerly awaits news from FFG (Fantasy Flight Games)
Only downside for us is the limited number of dice and the fragile counters. The counters will fortunately soon be available for individual purchase :)

The game itself is available at King Games and you can find it here