Townsfolk Galore!

The past week I have made posts about townsfolk for our RPG, and I thought I’d squeeze in a few more, before I call it a day!
I’m going in for surgery this week and will be needing some time off afterwards :) nothing too serious, though. But probably for a week or two! Lots of time to play Divinity Original Sin 2 on our TV, and Gloomhaven Boardgame :-D

First off is the Middenheimer Young Blood. I already painted one of these with blonde hair and red dress and removed her weapons as an Npc crowd agitator. But I wanted to test my skills with subtle colours.

Middenheim Youngblood

I used the same colour palette throughout the process. Darkest leather, shoes and fur is Muddy Soil, highlighted with Basic Dirt and Brown Sand. The dress is Brown Sand highlighted with Driftwood Brown, Stained Ivory and Yellowed Bone (and a bit of Khaki Highlight too) I used Tanned Skin mixed with Burgundy Wine for sharp contrast. All Reaper paints! I wanted her to look a bit dirty and not very polished and I believe I achieved that :)

Next off is “Lady Olenna “The Queen of Thorns” from Dark Sword Miniatures.

I took the opportunity to experiment with texture, and this is a rough example. I didn’t have much of a plan with this miniature, only that I wanted an old cranky noblewoman, and I got what I wanted, hehe :) The Base colour of her dress is Deep Red highlighted with dots of Fuchsia. The purple cloth is Violet with Sandalwood highlights. The golden embroidery is Walnut with dots of Victorian Brass and Citrine Alchemy. Dots everywhere! All paints used are from Scale75.
I didn’t spend a whole lot of time on the miniature apart from the dots, but she worked out okay. Not a masterpiece (like Jennifer Haley’s version which is absolutely breathtaking) but she looks great on the game board, as the dots intertwine from a distance!

3 thoughts on “Townsfolk Galore!”

  1. Hi Nana !!
    I hope surgery and recovery were uneventful and as pain-free as possible.
    I’m looking forward to you posting again when you’re able. I’m working on building up my Townsfolk collection, too. I need people to live in my Tabletop World city even if the rent is high. I find Reaper Bones minis are so easy to convert from heroes into townsfolk by simply snipping weapons off. And they are inexpensive.
    Oh, how did the game room turn out ? Have any more pics to post ?
    All the best !

    • Hi Mike!

      Yeah, I haven’t posted as much as I would like! Hopefully I’ll be ready to post some more pretty soon :-)

      I was really hoping to recover within a few weeks, but things really didn’t go as planned.
      It was an eardrum replacement surgery, and they accidently/unintendedly gave me penicillin, which I am highly allergic to! I had hives (itchy blisters) inside the ear and down my neck and a swollen tongue etc, so I’ve been pretty busy with constantly having to drive to the hospital for check-ups.
      But the implant looks fine, so it wasn’t all for naught!

      I’m glad you enjoy my posts and townsfolk! I just started using Reaper Bones aswell as you can see in some of the posts. The most recent is the dwarf king on throne, I got from the kickstarter. The king isn’t attached to the throne, so I’m putting him on a fancy bench so he can rest well inside my tavern or by the side of the road. Just gotta find him some bodyguards!
      Update and pictures of our gaming room is coming as soon as my husband finds the time ;-)

      – Nana

      PS. Do you have a blog or pictures of your project? :)

  2. Hi Nana !
    Wow, that sounds like a rough recovery. I’m glad you’re feeling better now.
    Coincidentally, my hobby time was dropped recently because my daughter had ear surgery, too. Very different from yours but I totally get the boomerang appointments to the hospital for follow-up.

    No, I don’t have a blog but I’ll be sure to take some pictures once I get back into the game.
    All the best !


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