Even More Townsfolk!

A few days ago I made a post about some townsfolk for our RPG – a blacksmith and a halfling nobleman. This time I painted a couple of real oldschool Bretonnian Archers and a small child from Freebooter.

The archers were really fun to paint. We found a bunch of these stored in my husband’s parents’ attic and I decided to paint 2 of them as archers for our town scenery. I already have one  practice target from Zealot Miniatures and I have several extra targets from Mantic Kickstarter due in May.
I painted them in 2 themes. One standard Archer with the Colours of Talabecland and some freehand “embroidery” and a little moustache :) the other is in Hochland Attire with a little Bretonnian Lily icon (Fleur de Lis).

The kid is from a Freebooter Miniatures: Lobo the Old Warhorse set. I added a large feather to his (or her) hat, though it is a little hard to see on the picture. The base is the original metal base customized to fit a 20mm base. I painted the child androgynous, so we can use it as either a girl or a boy squire, helping the pc’s carry their luggage and other necessities.

2 thoughts on “Even More Townsfolk!”

  1. Hi Nana !!
    I hope surgery and recovery were uneventful and as pain-free as possible.
    I’m looking forward to you posting again when you’re able. I’m working on building up my Townsfolk collection, too. I need people to live in my Tabletop World city even if the rent is high. I find Reaper Bones minis are so easy to convert from heroes into townsfolk by simply snipping weapons off. And they are inexpensive.
    Oh, how did the game room turn out ? Have any more pics to post ?
    All the best !

    • Hi Mike!

      Yeah, I haven’t posted as much as I would like! Hopefully I’ll be ready to post some more pretty soon :-)

      I was really hoping to recover within a few weeks, but things really didn’t go as planned.
      It was an eardrum replacement surgery, and they accidently/unintendedly gave me penicillin, which I am highly allergic to! I had hives (itchy blisters) inside the ear and down my neck and a swollen tongue etc, so I’ve been pretty busy with constantly having to drive to the hospital for check-ups.
      But the implant looks fine, so it wasn’t all for naught!

      I’m glad you enjoy my posts and townsfolk! I just started using Reaper Bones aswell as you can see in some of the posts. The most recent is the dwarf king on throne, I got from the kickstarter. The king isn’t attached to the throne, so I’m putting him on a fancy bench so he can rest well inside my tavern or by the side of the road. Just gotta find him some bodyguards!
      Update and pictures of our gaming room is coming as soon as my husband finds the time ;-)

      – Nana

      PS. Do you have a blog or pictures of your project? :)


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