Warhammer: Merchant / Nobleman

I already have this miniature painted in another color scheme in my collection, but the miniature is awesome so I bought an extra a while back. I now found a use for it, as we had to use a miniature for “Luigi Pavarotti”, a Middenheim character from WFRP 1st edition – Luigi is of course in our Middenheim campaign as well – I painted his clothes pretty extravagant as that fits the character well.
I’ve included a short description of him from the 1st edition book “Power Behind the Throne”

“Height 6’ 2”. Build, enormous. Thick Black curly hair and beard. Luigi is an amazing, larger than-life character; he is flamboyant, shouts rather than speaks, gestures wildly and appears half-crazy. Luigi does everything to excess; he dresses in outrageous attire and eats and drinks avariciously.”

So without further ado, Luigi Pavarotti from Middenheim!

Warhammer Merchant - Noble

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    • Hi Dave!

      Im afraid this one is out of production! He is one of the Citadel’s “Citizens of the Empire” they once produced. I believe I bought this and the other Citizens in 2010-2011.
      You might be lucky to find him on eBay! He came with a scribe miniature in a blister. Some of my favourite miniatures I own!

      Kind regards

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