Final Hero For Our Campaign!

Last week I made a post about our Shield Maiden Dagna and our Ranger Max for our upcoming campaign in Talabecland!

Time has now come for our final hero Oswald (Ozzy) who is the Rogue of the party (and also the leader) As I wrote earlier, the heroes are bandits and part of a Thieves’ Guild, and much different than what we usually play! They aren’t murderers, but they aren’t saints either!

The miniature is the Collector’s Edition 25 Anniversary Edition Eli Quicknight from Reaper Miniatures. His hooded cloak is a bit dodgy on the pictures, but I had to seal the mini thoroughly with varnish (cloaks are really fragile when handling them throughout a campaign) it looks great in real life!

Here’s all the “heroes” in all their splendor!

The Heroes

2 thoughts on “Final Hero For Our Campaign!”

  1. That’s a good looking rogue!

    I’m just looking at the WFRP tag…is that the system that you are using for your game? If so, which edition? I was a huge fan of 2nd ed. Not so much of 3rd. I’ve heard that they’re working on a 4th edition. So I’m pretty excited to see how that turns out.

    • Thanks a lot! A shame they didn’t release him as a normal mini. So much character :)

      Yeah, we play our own version, with a complete homemade rulebook. So it’s a d20 system based on the 1st/3rd edition timeline (not that campaign they did with Valten and Archaon which influenced 2nd edition)
      But looking forward to the 4th edition! They recently announced that it would be mid 2018, (delayed of course) and a converted Enemy within would come out aswell.

      We bought the Bree book that Cubicle 7 released for their Lord of the Rings system, for inspiration, and it’s great. High quality books and beautifully written! So can’t wait for 4th edition! Hoping for some grim and perilous action!

      – Nana


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