Dragon Ogre Shaggoth!

I have always thought the Dragon Ogre Shaggoths from the Warhammer universe were awesome creatures. The fact that they grow stronger with every thunderstorm and they can grow as large as mountains is really fascinating! Krakanrok the Black is the father of all shaggoths and is literally the size of a mountain. How cool is that? The good old regular shoggoth is not quite as large, but still an ultimate enemy of any dwarf slayer!

Dragon Ogre Shaggoth

I absolutely love this mini! My husband gave it to me for Christmas 2 years ago (metal version) and mounted it on a 60mm round base filled with slate rocks to give it an awesome look! It weighs a ton though, and my wrists were thoroughly worn out by painting this giant.
I actually prefer the original colours of the Shaggoth, so I used the same colour scheme throughout the mini. Why does he have two bellybuttons, though? It can only be seen from a certain angle, so it’s not a distraction! And it means he was born and not hatched! Well, the nipples gave it away too of course.

One thing I never noticed before painting it, is the tiny creatures braiding his hair (yes they are literally braiding his hair) Most people paint them brown, but I thought it would be really cool if they were the sons and daughters of the Shaggoth, clinging on to him until they are strong enough to make it on their own!

I struggled a bit with the axe. I actually finished painting it in a very worn palette , but then started over again, since I thought he needed something more suitable for someone who enjoys being electricuted. So I painted it lightning blue/teal with purple tones and shadows. Not 100% satisfied but close! Let’s say 89%!
Looking forward to someday painting the plastic normal dragon ogres too :)

Here is some cool artwork of the creature decaptitating a Greatsword hero. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen to our heroes if we meet this guy some day :-S

Dragon Ogre Shaggoth

The Chimera has landed!

As mentioned in an earlier post, I have coveted this treasure of a monster for quite a few years. Since it is pretty expensive I have continuously post-poned purchasing it. But I sold a lot of pre-painted miniatures recently and thought I deserved it! ‘Cause you know… Chimera!


Quite a big awesome box! I have seen some of Mierce’s smaller miniatures unpacked and they looked really brittle and painful to assemble, so I thought that this big fella would be easy enough….. Oh well…
Every single claw on the miniature needed to be individually glued on. Don’t get me wrong, it looks wonders, but damn… I had to file and drill into each claw “socket” to make them fit!
On the bright side, the rest of the miniature was really easy to assemble!

Monstrous Toe Nails 2


I officially gave my first pedicure to a miniature! (even using Citadel thin superglue which has a brush attached, making it look exactly like a nail polish!) The claws were flying everywhere when using tweezers, however and I managed to glue them to my legs and arms twice! Don’t ask why :-P

Monstrous Toe Nails 1

As you can see in the pictures, there weren’t even space enough for assembling this guy, so I ‘carefully’ shoved all the miniatures away that I am currently working on :-P

And of course, the day after I assembled it, somehow a claw was missing… But it doesn’t seem too hard to sculpt something similar, though I would prefer not to!

I just purchased a base for the miniature. a 120mm round base will do, but I have to paint the stomach first before gluing on the wings, else there will be no space!

Here is my work so far:

Chimera in full glory