Female Assassin by Dark Sword Miniatures

I wanted to try something completely different regarding hair, so I painted this chick blond with extreme highlights!

It actually ended looking very beautiful though very time consuming! I love to develop new painting techniques for myself and this one was really fun to paint. I believe it took me an evening of painting.
The miniature is sculpted by Bobby Jackson who usually sculpt for Reaper Miniatures. His recent minis are amazing and I am currently working on Female Mage Seductress, another miniature from Dark Sword Miniatures sculpted by him!

Gold Wizard of the Lore of Metal

Recently painted this cool Pathfinder Miniature Kyra, Female Iconic Cleric. Instead of her Original colours I chose to paint her as a Wizard of the Gold College. Since we desperately lack female wizards in our WFRP campaign (mainly due to using Games Workshop miniatures which mainly consists of male miniatures, other than Elves)

Gold Wizard

The miniature is perfect as a Gold Wizard with loads of gems and golden features! I even added some gold coins to the base.

I am currently spending far too much time playing Pathfinder Card Game (Rise of the Runelords and Skull & Shackles) and as a result I wanted to paint our heroes as stand-ins for the usual character card. Unfortunately one of them was Kyra, so I had to paint her again only with her original colours!
They are turning out pretty cool, so I will post pictures of the heroes soon :-D

The Doctor is in!!

Decided to dust off Doctor Festus and his loyal champion that my husband very creatively named “Fat Little Nurgle Champion”.

As a collector (of far too many miniature lines) I, of course, collect old Chaos Champions. More specifically Realm of Chaos Miniatures. Not sure which line this guy is (other than Citadel), but he deserves a shared post with “Herr Doktor”. Even though Festus is made in Games Workshop’s Finecast, assembling him was rather painless and the paint really stuck this time. Guess I got lucky :-D
Really love how the Champion fixed his missing leg with an extended arm! Also painted the guy in very rusty colours.

Festus is currently part of my WFRP campaign in Nuln, where he puppeteers the Nurgle followers. Recently, a group of heroes thwarted his grand plan, and he is now keeping a low profile while counting his losses.

Helja the Runesmith

In the great Knobelsdorf Society of Middenheim there are people of many nationalities, gender and race. As a place of learning and the occasional adventure hooks, I thought it was about time to introduce our local Runesmith Helja which just recently entered our sessions. She is a formidable dwarf with a keen knowledge and she is quite an experienced fighter.

Margara Runesmith 1

I really love this miniature and I think Werner Klocke did a great job. Female dwarves don’t always get the best treatment from sculptors.

I painted her in warm red and purple colours with a messy blacksmith’s apron (she works a lot!). Here are a few more pictures:

Notice Board!

One thing we have always used in our RPG’s but never had terrain for is a notice board! It is a very useful prop whether you are in a big city or a small village, ’cause you can always find a missing person note, an advertisement, a wanted poster or a help wanted notice! We couldn’t find any such thing anywhere, so we made one ourselves!

Notice Board

Using balsa and a bunch of accessories it ended up looking pretty cool! We printed out some of the posters we initially made for an advertising pillar (which I will add to the blog at some point!) Ulli and Marquand is loose in our Middeheim campaign so they were an obvious choice for a wanted poster along with other posters (handouts printed in mini-size) a notorious witcher + Scoia’tael leader, advertisement for an awesome shop called King Games, and a real cool handout from WFRP 1st edition (think it was a fan-made version. Thanks to whoever made it!)

UPDATE: I recently posted a link to the posters I used and some tips www.cabanaminis.com/posters-for-notice-board

Mutant – Enemy Within Campaign

Been chasing this mini online for about a year and suddenly he popped up on eBay! And I just had to own him no matter the cost! Fortunately for me, there wasn’t much competition and I got him far cheaper than i anticipated. Because I mean, who doesn’t go all out on tentacled mutants!?

Tentacle Mutant

He is from the campaign Enemy Within for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay first edition, so this mini is older than me! He only has a minor role in the Death on the Reik book, and was back then described as a Beastmen (before the (in)famous chaos goatmen claimed the title) He appeared along with some other characters of questionable appearances in an ambush on the ship I was sailing and he was a very memorable character. Here is a picture from the book along with the other assailants.

Mutant Artwork

I decided to paint him in a more recent mutated state, as he is still wearing his nobleman clothes in pristine colours. As if he has just sprouted fish feet and tentacle-arms!
The tentacles were a challenge to paint though as there were very little details and I had to freehand most of the tentacle’s “suckers” ;-)

Here are a few more pictures of the dashing gentleman who has yet to appear in our Middenheim Campaign (though I have heard rumours!)


Empire Captain with Scar

Another Warhammer Empire Captain! He’s sure to be given a role in an upcoming WFRP session in Middenheim, as I painted him with a blue color scheme, fitting for Middenheim/Middenland.
The comet symbol throws it a bit off, since he would probably be an Ulric worshipper, but it’s still a minor detail ;-)

Warhammer: Skeletons

We had to use some skeletons for an upcoming WFRP session, I thought it would be funny to convert some Games Workshop skeletons to appear like some dead empire soldiers. So I added some helmets and stuff for several of them.
It might be more fun to do with Zombies – Something I’ll consider for the future.

Warhammer: Undead Skeletons

Below you can see two pictures of all the 6 skeletons I made and painted. I’ll probably be making a few more soon, there’s always room for more skeletons :-)

The Halfling Trio

A picture of three halflings from my miniature collection. The halfling on the right was used in an RPG campaign I was a part of 2 years back approximately. He was this VERY annoying ginger halfling, constantly bossing the PCs and other NPCs around. One of the PCs very unexpected ended up killing the poor (But extremely annoying) halfling in a fit of rage. Perhaps the miniature will see his chance for a new role some day :-P

Halfling Trio