Valeros From Pathfinder RPG

As I have been playing the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game quite a lot over the summer, I thought it was time to present the next hero in line: Valeros!

Valeros 1

I spent a great deal of time on painting the details of his face than the rest of the miniature, so the armor didn’t end up as great as the rest. The official artwork picture depicted the armor very brownish, and I thought I’d paint it a bit toned down and not use any metallic paint on the armor. He looks really nice “in person” :-)

I took a few more pictures from different angles!

I have been reading some of the comics aswell and they are great! I thought the official artwork didn’t exactly depict him the same way that the comics and artworks from the rulebook (I’ve played the RPG aswell) So I’m going to show both :-)


Valeros 2

I still have a lot of painted Pathfinder miniatures waiting in line, just need time to snap pictures and make posts! Luxury problem for sure :-)

There are 2 versions available from Reaper miniatures, this version and another more dynamic Valeros based on the Rulebook cover.

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