Zombiecide: Black Plague Survivors – Special Guest Box: Marc Simonetti

Here is the final Special Guest box from the Kickstarter Knight pledge. This one includes miniatures based on artwork from artist Marc Simonetti.

Survivors - Marc Simonetti

Here we have (from left to right) Cadence, Lady Grimm, Redcap Rodney and Antha!

Antha was quite a challenge as her clothing features many details, and it started out looking horrible with pink, orange, and the whole rainbow basically. Finally nailed it by adding tons of small dots and she looks great in “person” :-) The others were pretty easy to paint. Experimented a bit on Lady Grimm’s armour, adding blue to the mix. She is one of my favourites (mainly because she reminds me of one of my favourite Witcher characters; Ves)

Here is the box in its original package:

Black Plague - Marc Simonetti

2 thoughts on “Zombiecide: Black Plague Survivors – Special Guest Box: Marc Simonetti”

  1. Hi,

    I really like your Zombicide painting ! I’ve discovered your blog looking for inspirations for my own heroes.

    I had a question regarding Antha: what colours have you used to paint the “gold” part of her clothes?
    I’d really like to do something that looks like the same but don’t really know how.

    Thanks !

  2. Hi Bob!

    Sorry for the late reply! I used a dark bronze called Decayed Metal from the company Scale75 then a thin layer of gentle strokes and small dots of Victorian Brass (also from Scale75).

    I guess you can use warplock bronze if you use GW paints or Scorched Metal from Reaper, then highlight with GW’s Balthasar Gold or Reaper’s Antique Gold. Don’t know much about other companies since I mostly use Scale75 and Reaper Paints.

    Hope any of this is useful :)

    – Nana


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