Freebooter Miniatures: Battitora Goth Version

I’m an avid collector of many miniature lines and ranges, and Freebooter’s Brotherhood is one of those. I have painted around 20 of the Brotherhood miniatures (some products come with 2 minis). I love their assassins and they are regulars in our Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFRP) sessions. This one (from a set of 2 miniatures: Battitora & Harlequin) was painted a lot different than the official miniature but I like the punk look she has, and as a metal-head she fits my style :-D

Punk Assassin

For some reason I can’t remember, I didn’t apply tattoos to her skin though they would have fitted perfectly! I even painted outrageous eyeliner and dark lipstick :-P she looks like a mean no-patience character and will do just fine in the streets of Middenheim!

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