Tabletop World’s Townhouse III – Spooky House Edition!

As mentioned in a previous post I wanted to make my own version of a spooky house. I was inspired by an old Ravensburger boardgame (one I had as a kid) and since I have 2 of Townhouse 3 lying around I figured it was worth an experiment :-D

Tabeletop World - Spooky House

The trees are 4 Ground’s Mature Fir Trees which has been put to good use for our sessions. The dead tree is from Tabletop World. The cute log pile is from Ristul’s.

I painted it mostly in dark brown colours starting with Muddy Soil from Reaper paints and highlighting my way up to Dark Shadow and Brown Sand. The reds are Clotted Red and highlighted with Mahogany Brown also from Reaper. My husband added some moss tufts in recesses of the roof.

Here are a few more pictures. I included the Mordheim Witch to the pictures as she fits right in! Which/Witch :) reminds me that I need to put her up on the blog with her own post!

5 thoughts on “Tabletop World’s Townhouse III – Spooky House Edition!”

  1. Your website is one of the few places where I can see completed tabletop world pictures, I think most everyone either orders them and never paints them or just never orders them in the first place! Your site is a constant source of inspiration, and while I don’t comment usually, just know that it’s really appreciated!

    (also…what colors did you use for the wood and the white wash color in the Coaching Inn tabletop world picture? I’m painting mine soon…)

    • Hi Patrick!

      Oh wow, thank you so much! That means a lot! :*-)
      When i started painting Tabletop-World I had the same problem. Back then, they painted their own buildings, which was the only inspiration, but somewhere down the line, they couldn’t keep up I guess! This reaaaally reminds me to get those pictures taken of my other painted buildings from Tabletop World (they are pretty big, so a small canvas just won’t do!)
      I still need to take pictures of my finished Guard Tower, Town House, Stone Bridge, Town Gate, Ruined Town House and the old Blacksmith Forge.

      So that’s a lot of painted buildings just waiting for a blog post! Will do my best to put atleast some of them up on my website before the end of the year!

      I did my best to describe the process of the white wash/stucco on an earlier comment in the Coaching Inn page :-)

      For the wooden parts I used a paint called Muddy Brown from Reaper, but any semi-dark brown works! I used GW’s brown wash (Agrax Earthshade – Not the Gloss one!!) and I always shake that wash thoroughly as they seem to get a little glossy if not shaken :-) then I used a few lighter browns as drybrush finish such as Earth Brown from reaper or Brown Sand (any of those works) I guess Games Workshop’s Tallarn Sand works just as well!
      Phew, hope this makes sense! Oh, and be careful drybrushing the wood! I hit the white walls way too many times. A clean brush with water will remove it if you hurry :-)

      Merry Christmas
      – Nana

      PS. You should really check out (if you haven’t already) Cianty’s Tabletop blog. He has painted a lot of different buildings, including Tabletop World. Lots of great inspiration! Here’s a link. :-)

  2. Merry Christmas and thank you for your excellent comment. I definitely appreciate the color advice, I will have to go over and get some from the hardware store. (Because of the size of the buildings, I actually buy Sherwin Williams paint….and it worked great despite how thick it is..)

    Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your excellent work!


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