Zombicide: Black Plague Zombies – Npc Box 1 (Notorious Plagued Characters)

This one is my painted version of the Npc-1 box included in the Kickstarter which you can buy separately pretty soon.


This set includes 20 miniatures: 5 different and 4 of each :-) from left to right we have the Dutch Woman (with clogs of course. She is described officially as a nurse though), the Executioner/Jailor , the medieval Middle-Eastern dude (Moor), Dwarf gone wild, and the oh-so charming Belly Dancer.

The Npc’s are different from other Zombies as they have their own category and spawn cards. However, when you run out of Npc miniatures, you pick from the Walker miniatures and they both have the highest killing priority.

The set also includes 3 Vault cards which was highly needed in my opinion. The reason they are included is because Npc’s are Collectibles in Zombicide. Kill and Collect 5 different Npc’s and you get a Vault card. Since we also have the 3 different Kickstarter Exclusive Npc’s we thought it was a bit of an overkill, so we don’t use the collector method. Instead we think the whole overrun by Walkers scenario is a lot more fun :-P

Expect a very high number of Walkers/Npc’s when using this box (up to 8 Npc’s per spawn card)

Oh, by the way. Npc does not stand for Non-playing-character as it does in most Rpg’s, but rather Notorious Plagued Characters (such as Eddard Stark from the Kickstarter Exclusives, but we’ll get to that :-)

Here is the box in its original package:


Zombicide: Black Plague Survivors – Kickstarter Exclusives: Grom & Thalia

Woohoo! Now is the time to show off some of all my painted Kickstarter Exclusive minis. The first ones to go are the two Barbarian survivors which are clearly based on Conan and Red Sonja.

Zombicide - Grom and Thalia

Thalia’s stomach looks a bit off on the picture, but not in the hand though! Grom’s sword looks fiery on the artwork, so I went for it on the miniature. Looks kinda neat. Grom’s Barbarian Skill is really useful and incredible when jumping into a group of 10+ zombies! Just dont expect to survive each time :-P The two miniatures have their own little exclusive box, and they ended up looking super sweet together :-D

Since they don’t have an official release box, I thought I’d put in the Kickstarter pledge picture!

Grom and Thalia

Zombiecide: Black Plague Survivors – Special Guest Box: Marc Simonetti

Here is the final Special Guest box from the Kickstarter Knight pledge. This one includes miniatures based on artwork from artist Marc Simonetti.

Survivors - Marc Simonetti

Here we have (from left to right) Cadence, Lady Grimm, Redcap Rodney and Antha!

Antha was quite a challenge as her clothing features many details, and it started out looking horrible with pink, orange, and the whole rainbow basically. Finally nailed it by adding tons of small dots and she looks great in “person” :-) The others were pretty easy to paint. Experimented a bit on Lady Grimm’s armour, adding blue to the mix. She is one of my favourites (mainly because she reminds me of one of my favourite Witcher characters; Ves)

Here is the box in its original package:

Black Plague - Marc Simonetti

Zombicide: Black Plague Survivors – Special Guest Box: Naïade

Next Zombicide box I have finished painting on the line is from the Special Guest Box with miniatures based on artwork by Naïade.

Guest Box Naïade

Here we have (from left to right) Thundergut, Ostokar, Merieil and Milo.

I spent a lot of time painting Ostokar since he is also a necromancer with spawn cards, so in this pack you actually get a free necromancer with special abilities, which is a huge plus since our necromancer cabal consists of up to 6 necromancers (1 from the core game and the 4 we got from Kickstarter exclusives and now this one). Ostokar however, didn’t quite end up as I wanted. His eyes are a bit alienlike and doesn’t match the artwork as much as I wanted. Rest of the miniature looks great, though :-) and he is one of my favourite survivors. The Zombielink is a fun and unpredictable ability!

Here is the box in its original package:

Special Guest Box - Naiade

Zombicide: Black Plague Survivors – Special Guest Box: Paul Bonner

Next box of painted Zombicide miniatures coming right up! This is from the Special Guest Box with miniatures based on artwork by Paul Bonner.

Survivors - Paul Bonner

Here we have (from left to right) Genevieve, Klom, Lord Bazak and Mizar

My husband really had a thing going for that ogre character (tee-hee :-P) and he quickly became his favorite, though I still can’t fathom how that guy is supposed to move through doorways. But I thought I’d make an extra effort into painting it. It worked out really well and it ended up awesome, I think :-D

Here is the box in its original package:

Special Guest Box - Paul Bonner

Zombicide: Black Plague Survivors – Hero Box 1

So finally the last parts of the Kickstarter for Zombicide Black Plague arrived (6 months late of course) and I just had to paint all of it. Turned out waaaay more time consuming (and soul consuming) to paint all of the miniatures. More than 80 miniatures I believe. I put more work into some than others, but overall they ended up pretty nice indeed.

Here is the first of many posts concerning Zombicide miniatures!

Hero Box 1

Hero Box 1

Here we have (from left to right) Arnaud, Tucker, Glynda, Julian and Sylvia.

The miniatures are from the first Hero Box which adds 5 new miniatures and 2 additional dashboards in case you want to play with 8 heroes instead of 6. Wulfsburg however, already have 2 extra dashboards aswell, so by pledging to the Kickstarter we ended up with 10 dashboards :-P

Here is the original box for comparison:


Commissioned Arcane Ranger!

I painted this very cool Elven Ranger for a customer in Italy a few months ago, and I thought it deserved a post on my blog!

The customer was very specific and brought artwork for me to work with which turned out helpful! The elf is a sort of spellcasting ranger meant for rpg games (a character he plays) So I added magical looking arrows and as requested: a platinum hair-do with blue/violet highlights.

The dark colours on his bow and clothing are a bit hard to see on the pictures, but he looked really cool in front of me, and despite the fragile nature of Dark Sword Miniatures it survived the trip to Italy.

I actually planned on buying this miniature for myself, just for the joy of painting it. So luckily I had the chance to mix it with commission. The mini is the very cool Male Elven Ranger with Bow from Dark Sword Miniatures – also known for the not-so-inventive names they give miniatures xD Think I have 3 different miniatures named Female Assassin!

Geralt and his Triss!

I painted the Triss Merigold bust a while ago and Geralt has just been waiting to show himself on the blog!

Geralt & Triss Busts

I had to do some putty work on his lips as they were kinda “wrinkly” sculpted and it somehow looked as if he was sticking his tongue out xD both busts are 15 cm tall.

I still have not one but TWO Cirilla miniatures waiting to be painted. One is 75mm scale and the other is huge (20 cm or so) I recently bought a plinth for the big one, but haven’t had any time to paint or mount her (that did come out wrong, I realize now!)

Wonder if a Yennifer model will be released from Klukva Miniatures :-)

A Break from Vacation!

It has been waaay too long since my last post and the reason, you ask? Vacation and preparing for vacation! As small business owners, my husband and I rarely stop working and when we do, we spend time on our hobby (which is also our work. Cool, right?)

But everyone needs some time off and we have been lucky enough to have a vacation house by the beach at our disposal for a whole month! This has really given us the break we’ve needed for continuing our work on a whole new ruleset for our own RPG game which is set in the Warhammer Fantasy world (Pre-Storm of Chaos and Pre-End-time, obviously!)

It has been a while since we’ve used an official ruleset like WFRP, D&D, Pathfinder etc, because we always end up house-ruling a lot.

We have decided to test these rules (just the two of us) while we are on vacation, and since we have all the “props” and miniatures at our home, we had to bring a limited amount of miniatures in a good old Gw army-suitcase. So as you can see on our session pictures, we had to improvise… A lot! (The pile of green Nurgle-tokens is supposed to be a disgusting pool of slime, the green tablecloth is grass etc). The people next to/on top of the cages are victims which are supposed to be inside them, but I didn’t have the nerves to squeeze them in there!

Vacation House Session 1

Sorry for the less than professional pictures taken by my mobile phone :*-) but I thought it would be fun to put them up for people to see. I’m always curious myself when it comes to how people play RPG’s!
The tiny shiny dots on the table are range increments which makes sense when playing!

The heroes are looking for a dwarf (long story) but he had somehow escaped the Beastmen camp and was no where to be found. The heroes decided to save the other prisoners now that they were there, anyway :-P

Here is another picture after the heroes found the dwarf named Snortek. He was hanging head down from a tree while being interrogating by bandits.

Vacation House Session 2

I’m glad we brought all the trees cause they really spice up the whole thing. The fir trees are incredibly lifelike and well made. We are already selling a lot of 4-ground trees in our shop, so we will definately be selling these in our online store aswell. I will be adding a bit of paint to the visible parts of the trunks when I get home, but they really outshine my old Games Workshop trees.

Another thing that really helps our players to get into the RPG spirit are props! Instead of having papernotes lying around, we use books which look really great on the table! Not only do they look amazing, but it is also a great way to gather all the notes! Some of our props are cheap remakes from China, but others are actually real antiques.
Here is a picture of just some of the things we bring into our game.

Vacation House Props

We have several of the Warhammer dice cups so each player has his/her own :-)
And right before we went on vacation, we received the collector’s edition of Total War: Warhammer, which included the most insane Book of Grudges replica and loads of other high quality props (the drinking horn is epic)

Oh well, turns out my little vacation update turned out bigger than expected! We will be getting home and back to work in a few weeks and then I’ll have time to write a whole bunch of posts!